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Couples therapy Denver Colorado

We are committed to helping couples build satisfying, intimate, life-giving, vulnerable, full, and fun relationships.

Couples therapy is a form of counseling intended for individuals looking to improve their relationship or resolve interpersonal conflicts. Living life within relationship is difficult, and all couples face their share of obstacles and trials. Throughout these experiences, trust may be broken, emotional safety diminished, or connection damaged or lost. However, we can only live in fullness when we are intimately and vulnerably connected to others.

It is the hope of Denver Couples & Sex Therapy to create the space to restore relationships and individuals through the power of vulnerability, courage, and acceptance. 

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What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy, also referred to as relationship or marital counseling, is a therapeutic approach aimed at improving the dynamics between individuals in an intimate relationship. 

The focus of couples counseling is to identify and address issues causing conflict or dissatisfaction in the relationship. These issues could range from communication problems, repeated patterns of conflict, emotional distance, lack of trust due to infidelity, or life transitions such as becoming parents or dealing with retirement.

During sessions, our therapists facilitate open, honest, and constructive communication between partners, enabling them to express their thoughts, feelings, and expectations in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This process helps couples better understand each other, resolve conflicts, and make collaborative decisions.

Our therapists utilize techniques to enhance relationship satisfaction by improving communication, fostering empathy, rebuilding trust, and enhancing intimacy.

Couples therapy isn’t only for relationships in crisis. It can also be a preventative measure to enhance a relationship, helping couples improve their understanding of each other, anticipate potential future issues, and foster a deeper emotional connection.

Ultimately, the goal of couples counseling is to strengthen the relationship, allowing couples to work through issues collaboratively and authentically, leading to a happier, more satisfying partnership.

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Couples therapy, also known as relationship or marital counseling, is a valuable resource for individuals of all types of intimate relationships facing various issues and struggles. Couples counseling can be beneficial for individuals at any state of a relationship, from the early dating years to the fortieth wedding anniversary, and regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or faith.

Relationships commonly find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict or facing major life transitions, breaches of trust, or critical discrepancies or differences. Couples counseling can help relationships navigating the loss of a job or loved one, illness, infidelity, financial distress, a new baby, parenting, and more. Couples therapy can help equip relationships with tools and strategies for better communication, understanding, responsiveness, and engagement- allowing couples to break unproductive, destructive cycles of conflict and disagreement and repair past relational ruptures. 

Therapy offers a neutral space for processing difficulties in relationship, rebuilding trust, and healing emotional wounds. However, it is important to know couples counseling is not only for those in crisis, but also for those looking to build upon a strong foundation, expand their relationship, and equip themselves with ways to grow and maintain fulfilling relationship. 

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  • Recurring Conflicts
  • Poor Communication or Conflict Resolution
  • External Stressors
  • Family of Origin Concerns
  • Feelings of Disconnection
  • Issues Related to Sex or Intimacy
  • Sexual Dysfunction including Performance Anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction, Painful Intercourse, or Lack of Arousal/Pleasure
  • Desire Discrepancy
  • Fertility or Family Planning
  • Kinks, BDSM, Fantasies, or Fetishes
  • Navigating Polyamory or Ethical Non-Monogamy
  • Questioning of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation
  • Problematic Sexual Behaviors
  • Trust & Commitment 
  • Infidelity
  • Issues
  • Lack of Affection or Compassion
  • Aging
  • Death or Loss

Relationship therapy provides a host of benefits. At Denver Couples & Sex Therapy, our therapists hold emotions as central to relational interactions and individual experience. Through couples counseling, our team seeks to help individuals expand and re-organize key emotional responses, create a positive shift in interactional positions and patterns, and foster the development of a secure bond between partners. In doing so, it is our hope for couples to improve their communication and understanding in order to increase empathy, responsiveness, and engagement. In doing so, individuals can express emotion more openly and vulnerably, accept one another’s perspective, and deepen intimacy and connection. 

Couples counseling can also help relationships with conflict resolution. Our therapists seek to provide the space and tools to manage disagreements constructively and equitably- helping couples break repetitive conflict patterns and allowing them to handle sensitive issues such as finances, child-rearing, or lifestyle decisions. Couples therapy also facilitates healing from emotional wounds, especially after breaches of trust such as infidelity. The process can guide couples in rebuilding trust, managing pain, and nurturing forgiveness, thereby creating the possibility for relationship repair and resilience. Through therapy, couples can identify and address feelings of dissatisfaction or loneliness, fostering a stronger emotional bond and boosting relationship satisfaction.

The benefits of relationship therapy are limitless but commonly include: 

  • Learning to communicate without falling into a negative, painful, and unproductive cycle
  • Creating empathy, understanding, and new meaning through the emotional experience of your partner’s/partners’ perspective
  • Developing the ability to effectively communicate and create change
  • Developing the ability to effectively express needs, wants, and desires within your partnership(s)
  • Healing past attachment wounds and create the ability to repair ruptures in your relationship(s)
  • Building trust, commitment, vulnerability, and safety to develop a secure emotional bond
  • Learning to discuss sexual problems, emotions, needs, and concerns without falling into a negative cycle or unproductive conversation
  • Increasing intimacy, playfulness, friendship, and partnership to experience a fuller, more satisfying relationship
  • Developing the ability to navigate difficult emotions, differences, or experiences through more effective communication and collaboration
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Couples Counseling Denver

Couples therapy can be beneficial for individuals at any state of a relationship, from the early dating years to the fortieth anniversary, and regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or faith. Our therapists have expertise working with:

  • Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, or Other Queer-Identifying Couples
  • Gender Normative, Non-Gender Conforming or Other Queer-Identifying Couples
  • Interracial Couples
  • Polyamorous or Ethical Non-Monogamous Relationships
  • Couples Interested in Kink or BDSM
  • Neurodivergent Couples 
  • Couples with Differing Cultural or Religious Backgrounds
  • Difficulty discussing their sexual desire, interests, issues, concerns, fantasies, or needs
  • A lack of sexual desire, arousal, or pleasure
  • Unsatisfactory solo or partnered sex

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a form of counseling intended for individuals looking to improve their relationship or resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of counseling intended to help couples and individuals resolve sexual difficulties or dysfunction.

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is a process in which a licensed mental health professional utilizes talk therapy to work with an individual in a safe and confidential environment.


LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapy is a therapeutic approach that recognizes and affirms the diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations.


Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples identify and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. It gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, and solve problems constructively.

Couples therapy can benefit couples at all stages of their relationship, whether they’re dating, engaged, married, or contemplating separation. It can be used to address many specific issues, like communication problems, sexual difficulties, conflicts about parenting or finances, and coping with major life changes.

In couples therapy, the therapist helps the couple gain insight into their relationship, identify non-productive dynamics, resolve conflicts, and improve relationship satisfaction. Techniques vary depending on the specific therapeutic approach, but generally, it involves dialogue, problem-solving exercises, and homework assignments.

In the first couples therapy session, the therapist usually gathers information about you as individuals and as a couple. They may want to know about your relationship history, values, goals, and the challenges you’re currently facing. It’s an opportunity for you to see if you feel comfortable with the therapist and if their approach aligns with your needs.


The duration of couples therapy varies based on the couple’s unique circumstances and the severity of their issues. Some couples might see improvements after a few sessions, while others may need therapy for several months or more.


Research suggests that couples therapy can be effective in resolving relationship issues and improving relationship satisfaction. However, the success of couples therapy can depend on several factors, including the willingness of both partners to participate fully and make changes outside of sessions.

Whether couples therapy is covered by insurance can depend on the specific insurance plan and the reason for therapy. Some plans may cover couples therapy if one person in the relationship has a mental health diagnosis. It’s best to check with your insurance provider for specific information. Denver Couples & Sex Therapy does not accept insurance but is happy to provide a Super Bill for clients to submit to their insurance for potential reimbursement. 

When looking for a qualified couples therapist, consider their education, licensure, experience working with couples, and specializations. It’s also essential that both partners feel comfortable with the therapist.


While couples therapy is designed to help couples improve their relationships, it’s not uncommon for things to feel worse before they get better. This is often because therapy can bring underlying issues to the surface. However, a skilled therapist will guide the couple through these challenges towards more productive and satisfying dynamics.

The terms “couples therapy” and “marriage counseling” are often used interchangeably. However, some people use “marriage counseling” to refer specifically to counseling for married couples, while “couples therapy” may be used for couples who are dating or engaged, as well as those who are married.




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